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Unsure about buying the right clothing size? Don't worry - with our valuable tips on this page you will find all the information you need about fit and size. And if you would like to speak to us personally, we look forward to hearing from you via our contact form. Our team will be happy to help you personally.

► What is Ana Alcazar´s fashion like?

All Ana Alcazar garments have a regular fit. Our sizes are based on European standard sizes.

Good to know: Cutting-edge fits and figure-hugging, feminine cuts: Ana Alcazar is known for its unusual fabrics, prints and models. Our two designers Be & Ju Ilzhöfer, together with our fashion technicians, take a lot of time to ensure the perfect fit. Fitting, correction and fine-tuning: only when everything is perfect are our items released for sale!

No one is like you – and that's a good thing.

If you've never ordered from Ana Alcazar before, it's worth ordering selection sizes with your first order. Try on the sizes at home in peace and quiet. Simply return any unsuitable items. If you have decided on a size, you can use it for future orders.

A feminine cut for power women

Ana Alcazar models are usually cut close to the figure, if you generally prefer to wear clothes longer and looser, then order one size larger. In the description of each product, you will find exact information about the cut – that's where you can find out whether it is a figure-hugging, casual or oversized cut.

Images for a better impression

We'll show you the looks on the model. We'll show you the outfit from different perspectives. This will give you a good idea of the fit and length of the item. You can also find the model's size in the article description for guidance.

Our measurement table will help you to get oriented

Measure and compare! You know yourself best: measure the 4 points: shoulder-breast-waist-hips, and compare them with our standard chart. This will give you a little more confidence in choosing your size. You can find the current measurement table further down on this page.

Still unsure?

No problem: our fitting team will be happy to help and advise you at any time – just send us an email and you will usually receive a notification within 24 hours on weekdays. We would be happy to provide further assistance.

► What is the right size for me?

You know your body best: How to measure your size correctly

Tipp: Please only measure over light clothing (e.g., underwear) and place the measuring tape as close to the body as possible (without constriction).


Measure from one shoulder to the other at the widest point at the back

Chest circumference

Measure at the widest point of the chest, just below the armpits

Waist size

Measure at the narrowest point of the waist

Hip circumference

Measure at the widest point of the hips

Write down your measurements and compare the result with the table below:







36 - 38
38 - 39,5
39,5 - 41
41 - 42,5
42,5 - 44
44 - 46
78 - 82
82 - 87
87 - 91
91 - 95
95 - 99
99 - 103
66 - 70
70 - 74
74 - 78
78 - 82
82 - 86
86 - 92
89 - 92
92 - 95
95 - 98
98 - 101
101 - 104
104 -108
*All measurements are in centimetres. If your measurements are between two sizes, order the larger size.

Determining your figure type: Which figure type am I?

Pear, hourglass or brick? X, H or V? The various clothing cuts are as diverse as the names of the different figure types. Finding the perfect on-trend outfit is much easier when you know what type of figure you have. That's why we're showing you the five most common figure shapes and which garment from the Ana Alcazar range best suits each shape:

A-Type or pear type

Characterized by:

Narrow shoulders, petite, long torso, Wide hips, strong thighs & buttocks

Ana Alcazar Größenberater - Figurtyp A-Line Birnenform

Styling tips:

  • Accentuate the upper body with appliqués, cut-outs or statement necklaces

  • Tops rather loose, trousers rather tight

  • Avoid conspicuous belts and anything that emphasises the hips

  • Light colours at the top, dark colours at the bottom


Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet

Our Top 3 Shapes for A-Types:

Classic Dresses

Tunic Dresses

Bell Skirts

O-Type or orange type

Characterised by:

A voluptuous bust, round belly, not much of a waist, full hips, small bottom, slender legs

Ana Alcazar Größenberater - Figurtyp A-Line Birnenform

Styling tips:

  • Oberteile nicht zu kurz, lieber Longtops in dunklen Farben

  • Gathering in the upper body area conceals the belly

  • The cleavage is the star: emphasise it!

  • Dresses & skirts should be worn a little shorter to highlight the legs


Rebel Willson, Beth Dito

X-Type or hourglass type

Characterised by:

A big bust, feminine hips, a narrow waist, full bottom, shoulders & hips the same width

Ana Alcazar Größenberater - Figurtyp A-Line Birnenform

Styling tips:

  • The hourglass type can wear almost anything

  • Figure-hugging and fitted cuts to accentuate feminine curves

  • Basics: V-neck jacket & cardigan


Scarlett Johannson, Beyoncé

Our Top 3 Shapes for X-Types:

Wrap Dresses

Shift Dresses

Pencil Skirts

V-Type or ice-cream-cone type

Characterised by:

Broad shoulders, a strong back, not much of a bust, barely any waist, small hips, slender legs

Ana Alcazar Größenberater - Figurtyp A-Line Birnenform

Styling tips:

  • Light-coloured trousers & shoes provide a distraction from broad shoulders

  • Choose tops in flowing, dark fabrics, simply cut without details

  • A-line coats or dresses balance out narrow hips


Charlene von Monaco

Top3 der Kleiderformen für den V-Typ:



Weite Palazzohosen

H-Type or brick type

Characterised by:

A petite type with very straight contours, shoulders, bust & hips are the same width, not much of a waist

Ana Alcazar Größenberater - Figurtyp A-Line Birnenform

Styling tips:

  • Straight cuts without draping

  • Clear lines, tone-on-tone colour combinations or colour-blocking

  • Accessories like long necklaces or loops

  • Classic patterns such as pinstripes or checks

  • For more curves: choose details like narrow belts, peplum cuts or balconette bras


Keira Knightley, Tilda Swinton

Our Top 3 Shapes for H-Types:

A-Shaped Dresses

Midi Dresses

Slim Pants