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Whether it's a New Year's Eve party, a night out or a wedding reception - a sequinned dress is your very special look for special occasions. Light and movement make sequins glitter and sparkle in an unearthly way, but you should keep accessories to a minimum: Choose a bag, jacket and shoes in subtle plain colours, preferably in the same colour scheme as the dress. Statement jewellery is a no-go, so opt for understated, delicate real metal pieces or simply skip the jewellery altogether. With the sequin look, the dress takes centre stage and is your guarantee for undivided attention. Get your extravagant sequin dress from Ana Alcazar now!

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Glamour Pants Paalo 189 €
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Glamour Top Paaly 129 €
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Sequin Dress Pabea 199 €
Paillettenkleid Ofiana 179 €
Sequin Dress Ofiara 179 €
Jumpsuit Ocysa 219 €
Glamor Dress Ofrea 219 €
Backless Dress Ocena 219 €
Night-Out Dress Ofesa 179 €
Party Dress Ofesi 179 €
Night-Out Shorts Odymi 119 €
Night-Out Pants Ofyna 129 €
Ana Alcazar sequin dress with fringes

Sequins - shiny fabric pieces

The basis for the sequin look is a thin layer of plain cotton, tulle or polyester fabric, which is usually chosen in the same colour or colour scheme as the sequins that will be applied later. Thin, mainly round plastic plates with a tiny hole in the centre are sewn onto this - the actual sequins. Only since the 1960s has it been possible to attach the sparkling sequins to a fabric backing by machine. Before that, sequins, which incidentally used to be made of flat-rolled metal or aluminium, were painstakingly embroidered by hand, which caused the price of sequin dresses to rise considerably. Today, sequin dresses are available in a wide variety of designs. The look is determined by the sequin itself: What colour / colour gradient does it have? Is it metallically laminated or coloured? In addition to the classic round punching, oval, reversible, flower or star-shaped sequins are also popular. Whether you are covered in sequins from head to toe or only certain parts such as the hem or top are covered in sequins, one thing is certain:

Sequin dresses offer pure diva feeling & make you an eye-catcher at every event!

Jumpsuit Ocyra 219 €
Sequin Dress Ocina 209 €
Night-Out Top Ofiba 129 €
Party Dress Odea 219 €
Night-Out Pants Ofyra 129 €
Night-Out Top Ofiby 129 €
Party Dress Odena 219 €
Cocktail Dress Oawa 239 €
Glamor Dress Ofrosa 219 €
Jumpsuit Odista 229 €
Night-Out Shorts Odyra 119 €
Jumpsuit Odisa 229 €
Short Sleeve Dress Ocea 199 €
Sequin Dress Magea 199 €
Sequin Dress Maggy 219 €
Sequin Jurk Magena 199 €
Sequin Dress Magyla 219 €
Sequin Mix Dress Magola 189 €
Festive Jumpsuit Magale 229 €
Night Out Jumpsuit Magala 229 €
Sequin Mix Dress Magosa 189 €
Sequin Dress Labya 219 €
Trapeze Dress Labea 199 €
Sequin Top Labesi 129 €