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Fabrics in Fashion

A guide to the different fashion textiles

Seductively soft velvet, opulent jacquard or flowing light chiffon - in addition to the cut and print, the fabric plays a key role in defining an item of clothing. While some textiles, such as seersucker or lurex, are always in seasonal fashion, natural materials such as jersey or wool are with us for a lifetime. Discover a detailed overview of all fabric types in our shop here and also get lots of valuable background information on the respective textiles.

"The difference between style and fashion is quality."

- Giorgio Armani -

New fabric for your look

All material trends at a glance.

Tastes differ, and this also applies to our preference when it comes to fabric. While one person won't let anything but cotton touch their body, another prefers wrinkle-free synthetic fibres. You know that, right? That's why we've listed all the fabrics from our online shop here. Whether trendy mesh or shimmering sequins, everyday jersey or elegant silk - you decide!

"At Ana Alcazar, the entire creative team is involved in deciding on a fabric. Production manager, pattern director and us as designers. We visit various fabric fairs, have material samples sent to us and meticulously check the feel and quality. Of course, we also pay attention to the origin and production conditions of our materials. Only when all internal criteria are met does the fabric make it into the collection."

Be & Ju llzhöfer, Designer Ana Alcazar


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