Pantone Colour Trends 2022

Discover new Pantone colour trends 2022 at Ana Alcazar

Colour trends for spring/summer 2022

In 2022, pink, in all its variations, is right at the top of the wish list. Pink therefore replaces last year's green trend. Yet, despite the leading role of "Innuendo", "Bubblegum" and "Gossamer Pink", green is also in again. Discover now the latest colour trends for this summer.

"Life is a sea of vibrand colour.
Jump in!

- A. D. Possey -

What are the Pantone trend colours of 2022?

New colour palettes for your personal style

Strong and yet delicate – that's the motto for the hip colours this summer. With a view to the style-defining Fashion Weeks in New York and London, the »Pantone Color Institute« has identified the trend colours for the 2022 season: they range from dramatic red to bright sunny yellow and deep ocean blue to soft pink and harmonious coffee brown. The Pantone palette combines playful, cheerful tones with timeless, classic nuances and soothing natural colours. The message behind it? The wide range of trendy shades reflects our contradictory longings for adventure and for familiarity. This opens up creative freedom for personal style. Good for all fashion-conscious people! Because, in 2022, we have the choice to experiment with colours in our looks as we please. That also means boldly combining the tones with each other – opposites attract. From a colour perspective, the prospects for 2022 could not be better! Go on a journey of discovery and find your favourite shades for the summer in the current Ana Alcazar collection.

"Our use of colour is linked to our mood as a culture. As we look forward to our future with anticipation, we seek opportunities to break new ground. Colours that celebrate our desire to push boundaries while satisfying our burning need for playful creativity and unforced visual expression."

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director des Pantone Color Institute

"As we move into this new landscape, where the rules of fashion no longer apply, we are free to mix and match the shades for spring/summer 2022 as we please. They encourage the exploration of new worlds of colour and open the door to personalised style and spontaneous colour statements."

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director des Pantone Color Institute

Which colours and nuances are timeless?

Dark black, earthy shades or pastel tones: Colours play the main role in every outfit every season. Some of these colours and shades can be seen every season and are considered timeless. Discover the all-time colour classics at Ana Alcazar now.

Styling tip: use neutral colour classics and combine them with pieces in the dynamic trend colours for 2022, such as "Fragile Sprout", "Innuendo", "Cascade", "Dahlia" or "Daffodil". This will create a high-contrast wow effect!

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