Pantone Colour Trends 2022

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Colour trends for autumn/winter 2022/23

We will show you which colours are important right now, how to stylishly combine them, and which colours especially suit your type.

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What are the Pantone trend colours of 2022/23?

New colour worlds for your personal style
The autumn/winter 2022/2023 colour trends

In accordance with the "Pantone Colour Institute", this year's winter colours for 2022 are strongly characterised by ambivalence: on the one hand, we are looking for calm and serenity in uncertain times. On the other hand, we finally want to get going again, full of drive to get things done, and to enjoy our lives. The shades in the palette for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 reflect this dichotomy. Delicate shades with a high proportion of white, such as the light-blue "Watersprout", the yellow-white "Arctic Wolf" or the calming green shade "Loden Frost" stand for the retreat into privacy and our search for comfort. This contrasts with brightly coloured shades that are bursting with zest for life and energy, such as the pink and purple "Rose Violet" variation, or the vitality-filled orange of "Orange Tiger". This wide spectrum of trendy shades opens up free-spirited design possibilities for your own personal style. Good news for all fashionistas! That is because in winter 2022 we have the option of experimenting with colour trends in our looks just as we please. That also means boldly combining the tones with each other – opposites attract. In terms of colour, the prospects couldn't be better! Embark on a journey of discovery and find your favourite shades for autumn/winter 2022 in the latest Ana Alcazar collection.

»The colours for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 contrast our competing desires for calm and comfort with energizing vitality through a range of calming and restorative colours combined with exuberant tones.«

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director des Pantone Color Institute

» As we move into an environment of contradictions, the Fall Winter 2022/2023 shades allow consumers to fluidly transition between a range of contrasting shades, allowing them to spontaneously express who they are and how they relate to a particular one feel the day.«

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director des Pantone Color Institute

Which colours and nuances are timeless?

Dark black, earthy shades or pastel tones: Colours play the main role in every outfit every season. Some of these colours and shades can be seen every season and are considered timeless. Discover the all-time colour classics at Ana Alcazar now.

Styling tip: use neutral colour classics and combine them with pieces in the dynamic trend colours for 2022, such as "Fragile Sprout", "Innuendo", "Cascade", "Dahlia" or "Daffodil". This will create a high-contrast wow effect!

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