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Colour trends for spring/summer 2023

We will show you which colours are important right now, how to stylishly combine them, and which colours especially suit your type.

"Life is a sea of vibrand colour.
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- A. D. Possey -

What are the Pantone trend colours of 2023?

New colour worlds for your personal style — the 2023 spring and summer colour trends

According to the Pantone Color Institute, the current colour palette for spring and summer 2023 is marked by extreme contrasts, reflecting our experience over the past few chaotic years. The leading designers are growing more experimental again in their use of colour and are fashioning a dualism with unusual colour combinations — the dualism that is currently reflected in society. Departing from privacy and the search for comfort, towards fearlessness, openness and the boundless courage of individuality. That is why in the 2023 season we also find an astonishing number of strong, bold colours, like the fuchsia "Beetroot Purple" shade, the orange "Tangelo" nuance, or the extraordinary green of "Andean Toucan", wildly mixed with each other. The colour of 2023 also has it all: "Viva Magenta" is a strong, vibrant shade of red that encourages experimentation and uninhibited self-expression. Those who prefer a more conventional colour continuity can combine one of the ten ultra-quiet shades that Pantone has proclaimed to be classics this year, such as "Skylight" pastel blue or "Mocha Mousse" milk chocolate brown. This wide spectrum of trendy shades opens up free-spirited design possibilities for your own personal style. Good news for all fashionistas! That is because in spring 2023 we have the option of experimenting with colour trends in our looks just as we please. That also means having a wild time combining the tones with each other. In terms of colour, the prospects couldn't be better! Join us now on a journey of discovery and find your favourite shades for spring and summer 2023 in the latest Ana Alcazar collection.

"The colours for spring and summer 2023 have been fine-tuned for the new era we are entering. We are mixing escapism with reality, wholeness and joy, and welcoming exploration of extreme contrasts in mood and colour."

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director des Pantone Color Institute

"We are experiencing a creative liberation that goes beyond previous norms, adapting and inventing novel pairings and contrasting harmonies."

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director des Pantone Color Institute

Which colours and nuances are timeless?

Dark black, earthy shades or pastel tones: Colours play the main role in every outfit every season. Some of these colours and shades can be seen every season and are considered timeless. Discover the all-time colour classics at Ana Alcazar now.

Styling tip: Use neutral colour classics and combine them with pieces in the bold trend colours of 2023, such as "Classic Green" (grass green), "Blazing Yellow" (sun yellow), "Spring Crocus" (dark purple) or "Fiery Red" (bright red). This will create a high-contrast wow effect!

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