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Colour trends for spring/summer 2024

We will show you which colours are important right now, how to stylishly combine them, and which colours especially suit your type.

"Life is a sea of vibrand colour.
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What are the Pantone trend colours of 2024?

New Color Worlds for Your Personal Style – The Color Trends Spring/Summer 2024

According to the "Pantone Color Institute," the current color palette for Spring and Summer 2024 is characterized by a touch of nostalgia, featuring many familiar shades with an innovative twist. Leading designers in New York & London are incorporating more well-known nuances in their color choices this year than in previous seasons, aiming for a cozy fashion sense that envelops us in comfort. From this secure position, we can explore our creative potential and authentically craft our look.

Overall, in the 2024 season, we find fewer bold bright colors and more subdued tones such as the light blue "Chambray Blue," the earthy green "Bistro Green," or the dusty pink shade "Dessert Flower." Even the color of the year for 2024 takes a step back and is yet unusual: "Peach Fuzz" is a pastel peach tone currently conquering the runways when paired with pink or dark blue. The freshly crowned Colour of the Year 2024 may not be easy to style and will certainly not appeal to every fashionista. For those who prefer more traditional color continuity, one can combine one of the nine ultra-quiet tones Pantone has designated as classics for 2024, such as the warm beige "Mushroom," anthracite gray "Quiet Shade," or snow-white "Brilliant White."

The broad spectrum of trend tones opens up new design possibilities for your very own personal style. Great news for all fashion-conscious individuals! In Spring/Summer 2024, we have the choice to experiment with the color trends in our looks as we please. This means boldly combining tones with each other. The color prospects could not be better! Join us on a journey of discovery now and find your favorite hues for the upcoming Spring and Summer in the current Ana Alcazar collection.

"The colours for Spring 2024 encompass a harmonious blend of familiar tones with a modern touch. They inspire a new interpretation of the present, evoke memories of the past, and include a hopeful gaze into the future."

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director des Pantone Color Institute

"The colors of this season are both thoughtfully considered and highly personal. They transcend the predictable, creating together a particularly impressive impact."

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director des Pantone Color Institute

Which colours and nuances are timeless?

Dark black, earthy shades or pastel tones: Colours play the main role in every outfit every season. Some of these colours and shades can be seen every season and are considered timeless. Discover the all-time colour classics at Ana Alcazar now.

Styling tip: Utilize neutral color classics and pair them with pieces in the bolder trend colors of the Spring/Summer 2024 season, such as 'Vibrant Capri' (bright turquoise), 'Sun Orange' (intense orange), 'Kohlrabi' (light green), or 'Mint' (fresh retro-green). This creates a contrasting wow effect!

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