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Timeless, confident, independent

Exciting in every era: the Twiggy style turned the fashion world on its head in the Sixties. Elements of it are still current and are indispensable in lots of fashion lines. But the pure Twiggy look still catches eyes to this day. Ana Alcazar's studios in Munich dedicate their creations entirely to the styles of the swinging Sixties. This is by no means just a tribute to Twiggy. The Twiggy look is both retro and avant-garde.

Discover the most gorgeous looks of the season in the Twiggy look and travel in time through the freedom-loving era of the Sixties with us.

Let´s get stylish! Love, Ana Alcazar

"The sixties were a time when ordinary people could do extraordinary things...!"

- Twiggy -

Sixties Dress Margolyn 159 €
A-Shaped Dress Margalyn 149 €
A-Shaped Dress Maralyn 149 €
A-Shaped Dress Mika 149 €
A-Shaped Dress Midia 159 €
Sixties Dress Mibea 159 €
Sixties Dress Miana 159 €
A-Shaped Dress Mebida 159 €
A-Shaped Dress Mebia 159 €
Mini Dress Mebely 149 €
A-Shaped Dress Mebela 149 €
Quilt Dress Mara 159 €
Ana Alcazar Model wears checked dress A-shape with XXL Buckles

Experience the Sixties fashion revolution

It was in 1966 when the first photos of Twiggy, titled "The Face of 1966", appeared in the Daily Mail. Mini dresses, often cut wide around the hips and waist, were what characterised her back then. She started a sensation. At the same time, though, people said her stardom would only last a few weeks. We all know now how differently things turned out. In fact, even decades later, the striking Sixties-style dress still invites new interpretations. This is also true of Ana Alcazar's studios. The Ana Alcazar dress in the Twiggy look, for example, has a short cut up to the thighs to give you space for all sorts of combinations that you can add your own touch to with 7/8 sleeves with cuffs. Sometimes in a checked pattern with XXL buckles, or constructed entirely in blue with a carefully offset satin ribbon, our dresses put retro-modern in the limelight.

A-Shaped Dress Kadony 149 €
A-Shaped Dress Kadore 149 €
A-Shaped Dress Inosa 149,00 € 119 €
Mix Dress Hetta 159 €
Empire Dress Hestila 159 €
A-Shaped Dress Hera 149 €
Mini Dress Hepoly 149 €
Stand Up Collar Top Hemmea 119 €
Shirt Hemma 119 €
Sixties Dress Hardana 149 €
Sixties Dress Hardis 149 €
Stand Up Collar Top Hapie 109,00 € 79 €
Mini Dress Hapira 149 €
Stand Up Collar Dress Hapina 149 €
Sixties Dress Hanesa 159,00 € 129 €
A-Shaped Dress Hanena 159,00 € 129 €
Mini Dress Hanene 159 €
Mini Dress Hania 149,00 € 119 €
Sixties Dress Hanea 149 €
ANA x STUDIO Exclusive

A-Shaped Dress Funali 149,00 € 119 €
ANA x STUDIO Exclusive

Twiggy Dress Funa 149,00 € 119 €
Empire Dress Enfora 149,00 € 109 €
Checked Dress Emmy 149,00 € 98 €
Sixties Dress Emela 149 €