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What does the colour black stand for?
The colour black is the darkest of all colours and, like white or grey, is classed as an achromatic colour. Black has always been considered elegant, serious and seductive – but it also stands for dominance and mourning. In any case, black is timeless and a colour classic in every collection.
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Empire Dress Kabisi 199 €
Crochet Jacket Kabi 179 €
Maxi Dress Kabita 229 €
Jumpsuit Kadaro 209 €
A-Shaped Dress Kada 189 €
Jumpsuit Kabis 219 €
Lace Top Kabola 109 €
Fringe Dress Kabora 159 €
Lace Pants Kadane 169 €
Fringe Pants Kabosa 149 €
Empire Dress Kadali 209 €
Lace Shirt Kadabo 129 €
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Which black dresses are trending for 2023?

Two cuts in black are dominating the current 2023 spring and summer season: the mini dress and the caftan dress. Mini dresses in black are currently a hit at parties, sometimes with feathers and fringes for that wow effect, or quite plain and tight in jacquard with a seductive neckline. As a casual leisure model for the beach and park, this year we are saying hello to the casual caftan dress. The long-sleeved tunic cut in maxi length has its roots in Persia and is especially characterised by its airiness and comfortable fit. The light summer lace provides enough air flow. Black dresses remain a classic through and through, be it for leisure, business or eveningwear. Find the perfect black dress for your favourite occasion here at Ana Alcazar.

Lace Kaftan Kaboli 209 €
Crochet Dress Kabily 219 €
Party Top Ibara 129 €
Classy Jumpsuit Ilca 179 €
A-Shaped Dress Ilba 159 €
Cut Out Dress Ira 159 €
Elegant Jumpsuit Igolys 209 €
Tunic Dress Ibylia 189 €
Tie Dress Ilary 159 €
Mix Dress Imoni 149 €
FALKE Seamless Shaping Leggings 59 €
Pocket Dress Harda 139 €
Culotte Hemmis 129 €
Crochet Pants Habbli 149,00 € 109 €
Classic Trousers Harona 109 €
Empire Dress Hestila 159 €
Midi Dress Hegana 159,00 € 129 €
Shirt Dress Hecna 139 €
Wide Dress Harla 129 €
Simple Jurk Hanka 159 €
Maxi Dress Hiaki 219 €
Marlene Pants Harieke 119 €
Marlene Trousers Hejarna 119 €
Sixties Dress Hardis 149 €