Pencil Dresses

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Pencil dresses » The ideal business companion

Business ladies who like to emphasise their femininity know the power of a pencil dress. It emphasises the wearer's figure and radiates both professionalism and elegance. The tight-fitting dress with sleeves and an over-knee-length skirt is therefore a must-have for every business wardrobe. Is your next business meeting just around the corner? Discover high-quality pencil dresses from Ana Alcazar here.

Cut Out Dress Pagina 149 €
Asymmetric Dress Peasi 189 €
Asymmetric Dress Pahemi 179 €
Midi Dress Paasy 219 €
One Shoulder Dress Pia 179 €
Cut Out Dress Onasta 159 €
Pencil Dress Oktasa 169 €
Midi Dress Mokyla 219 €
Pencil Dress Monia 239,00 € 159 €
Classic Dress Mesaly 169 €
Sheath Dress Mehisa 169,00 € 149 €
Cut Out Dress Melosa 169 €
Ana Alcazar Model wears Pencil Dress

Pencil dresses - current trends

Pencil dresses are available in a wide variety of styles. The only common feature is the tight skirt, which is reminiscent of the shape of a pencil. Classic pencil dresses also have a characteristic small slit at the back of the skirt. The pencil dress is not necessarily a garment for everyday wear. Instead, it is perfect for elegant occasions and important appointments. Current styles emphasise the waist even more with integrated tie belts, placing the focus even more clearly on a feminine hourglass silhouette. Classic pumps emphasise the elegant 50s character of the look. Fashionistas combine ankle-high ankle boots with a wide shaft for that extra wow. Accessories should be worn sparingly with a pencil dress, as the dress itself is already a strong statement. Delicate earrings or a fine bracelet will suffice. Browse through our large selection of beautiful pencil dresses now!

Sheat Dress Mehine 169,00 € 149 €
Pencil Dress Melisa 169 €
Print Dress Mosima 229,00 € 179 €
Sheath Dress Mesani 169 €
Sheath Dress Meras 159 €
Gathered Dress Mepia 169 €
Midi Dress Miale 179 €
Long Sleeve Dress Merasa 159 €
Midi Dress Melly 169 €
Classic Dress Mekosi 159 €
Classic Dress Mehea 169 €
Sheath Dress Mekana 159 €
Long Sleeve Dress Mekisa 159 €
Waterfall Dress Kony 169 €
Shift Dress Kia 179,00 € 129 €
Cut Out Dress Kadori 149 €
Shift Dress Kisme 189 €
Midi Dress Kirla 189 €
Midi Dress Ikora 189,00 € 129 €
Cut Out Dress Ira 159 €
Party Dress Imolys 149 €
Shift Dress Hiply 199 €
Pencil Dress Harmine 159 €