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Houndstooth pattern » The fashion evergreen

The houndstooth pattern is a classic weaving technique whose origins can be traced back to 360 BC. Invented for aristocratic clans in Scotland, houndstooth was initially only found on kilts, and later on elegant garments for men. It was not until the late 1940s that Christian Dior designed the first houndstooth pattern for women. Since then, the pattern, which is reminiscent of small pinwheels in its weave, has been a perennial fashion favourite. Elegant, chic & wonderful to combine. Discover the latest looks with houndstooth patterns now!

Shirt Blouse Mibia 139 €
Culotte Mibora 139 €
Fringe Dress Mibela 199 €
Sixties Dress Mibea 159 €
Turtleneck Dress Miba 169 €
Sixties Top Heply 119 €
Cropped Trousers Hepyse 129 €
Culotte Hepyna 129 €
Mini Dress Hepoly 149 €
Turtleneck Dress Hepana 149,00 € 109 €
Swinging Dress Hepana 149 €
Culotte Emesi 129 €
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Houndstooth & Co.

Nowadays, three closely related weaving techniques are actually summarised under the name houndstooth pattern in fashion. The actual houndstooth, Vichy and Pepita. All three patterns are very similar and differ only slightly in the arrangement and continuation of the checks in verticals or diagonals. What they all have in common is their classic attitude. Houndstooth always looks very elegant, especially in its traditional black and white version in bouclé or wool. If you want to give the look a little more lightness, choose light printed fabrics with a houndstooth pattern instead of the woven version and work with style breaks such as trainers, leather or bright colours. At Ana Alcazar, we love the classic houndstooth look. It's an evergreen and can be worn for many, many years.

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Volant Dress Emesa 159,00 € 98 €
Shift Dress Emely 149 €
Sixties Dress Emela 149 €
Sixties Dress Behla 159 €
Puff Sleeve Dress Behly 159,00 € 89 €
Midi Dress Beido 179,00 € 129 €
Pocket Dress Beiba 159 €
Houndstooth Shirt Beiras 109,00 € 69 €
Puff Sleeve Dress Beiby 159,00 € 98 €
Long Sleeve Top Bahla 109,00 € 59 €
Wrap Dress Bahlu 169,00 € 98 €
Volant Dress Bahis 159,00 € 98 €
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