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What does the colour white stand for?
Fresh starts. Innocence. Perfection. The colour white has very positive connotations in our culture and always underlines the quality of purity: from the "white dove" in the Bible to the present-day custom that brides marry in white. An elegant look that is not just for weddings. Discover the latest looks in Pantone's trendy shades of white now.

Sixties Dress Margolyn 159 €
Culotte Marbel 139 €
Mini Dress Marisy 149 €
Sixties Dress Margo 159 €
Turtleneck Sweater Mabelo 139 €
Plush Jacket Mabisy 249 €
Neckholder Top Lasiry 109 €
Palazzo Trousers Lasiha 149 €
Tunic Dress Lasury 179 €
Midi Dress Lasara 219 €
Tunic Dress Ladya 189 €
Pantone trend color white for summer 2022 now at Ana Alczar

Which white dresses will be trending for 2023?

White dresses are a classic in every season. There are once again numerous models to be had in the various collections of the 2023 spring and summer season. Pure white without creamy undertones is especially hot this summer. In combination with coarse curly lace or delicate fringes, white dresses take on a playfully light attitude that perfectly suits the summer sun. As for the cut, strong waist accents with belts or gathers are in vogue for 2023. Flounces are also still in fashion with us. Tiered dresses in white with signature ruffled collars have us dreaming of a romantic "Bridgerton" summer. Overall, the cuts of white dresses have become much more playful again than in the last few years. Want to see more? Discover our latest white dresses for the 2023 fashion season now!

Long Trousers Kadosa 119 €
A-Shaped Dress Kadony 149 €
Sixties Dress Kadora 149 €
Midi Dress Kabesi 249 €
Mini Dress Kabene 229 €
Mix Dress Kabale 189 €
Lace Dress Kabaly 219 €
A-Shaped Dress Kabala 209 €
A-Shaped Dress Kaana 169 €
Sleeveless Dress Hemeny 139,00 € 109 €
Marlene Trousers Hejana 119 €
Shirt Dress Hegla 159 €
Waisted Dress Hefari 169 €
Midi Dress Hedis 149 €
Jersey Dress Hecani 139 €
A-Shaped Dress Hebily 149 €
Overshirt Habily 229 €
Long Sleeve Dress Gilectris 149 €
Ruffle Dress Gilly 149 €
Midi Dress Gillena 159,00 € 129 €
Boho Dress Giona 179,00 € 129 €
Long Sleeve Dress Giandra 179,00 € 129 €