Layering Looks

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Ana Alcazar Model wears a layered look with a tunic dress, leggings and a waistcoat

LAYERING - Teamwork with a sense of style

Summer underneath. Winter on top. Or the other way round. Layering lets you show off your spring and summer fashion favourites even when it's not so warm outside. A welcome bonus: no other styling creates unusual and exciting silhouettes quite like cleverly layered clothing. Now we'll show you exciting looks and tips for a smart layered look.

Enjoy & Love, Ana Alcazar

"Layering is all about balance.   Combining different lengths, materials and shapes to create a harmonious outfit takes a little practice.  Feel free to try out a few options and create your individual layered look at your own pace. "

Designer Be & Ju Ilzhöfer, Ana Alcazar

Leggings Esmira 109 €
Fake Fur Vest Eafina 99 €
Blouse Dress Ejoni 179 €
7/8 Pants Ekany 109,00 € 69 €
Swinging Dress Efmene 179,00 € 129 €
Bat Dress Esta 169 €
Leggings Etty 69 €
Sweater Evosa 159 €
Chiffon Blouse Efily 119,00 € 59 €
7/8 Trousers Emma 129 €
Leggings Estea 79 €
Fake Fur Vest Eafoni 99,00 € 59 €

All about the Layers

Layering is all about combining items of different lengths to create a coherent outfit. At its core, it's nothing more than a fashionable interpretation of the purely pragmatic onion look to face the cold: long sleeves under a jumper under a cardigan under an anorak. With the stylish layered variant, individual pieces are deliberately worn on top of each other so that the single layers peek out, creating a 'stepped look' that makes the ensembles all the more interesting. Playing with materials also makes a decisive difference: short over long, dress over trousers, knit over lace over synthetic leather. Joy with experimentation is exactly what's needed when it comes to layering. Horizontal lines work layer by layer with vertical lines. Opposites attract: Opaque goes nicely with transparency and conjures up surprising effects. Wide complements narrow. Fake fur gets involved everywhere.

Ana Alcazar Model wears a layered look with a black long coat, vest and leggings
Swinging Dress Edmy 169 €
Swinging Dress Edina 229,00 € 189 €
Turtleneck Sweater Evasea 119 €
A-Shaped Dress Emala 149 €
Turtleneck Sweater Evanea 119 €
Culotte Emmea 129 €
Shirt Dress Efinia 159,00 € 109 €
Coat Ebasi 299 €
Culotte Emesi 129 €
Poncho Sweater Evolys 169,00 € 109 €
Leggings Erosy 109,00 € 79 €
Sweater Evania 159 €
Print Top Erona 119,00 € 69 €
Shirt Dress Edoly 209 €
Shift Dress Ekona 159 €
Flared Pants Ekore 129,00 € 89 €
Cardigan Evija 159,00 € 89 €
Shirt Dress Efgine 159,00 € 119 €