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Patterns in fashion

A guide through the different fashion designs

Floral, striped, futuristic or inspired by the Orient - fabric patterns are just as important in fashion as cuts and design. Ana Alcazar specialises in fashion with high-quality prints and patterns. So who better to give you a comprehensive insight into the world of prints? Find a detailed overview of all the latest fashion prints here and get lots of valuable background information and styling tips on the respective patterns.

"The best pattern in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!"

- Coco Chanel -

New prints for your look

All pattern trends at a glance.

The fashion industry has produced countless patterns over the decades. Some have only lasted one season, some have become real classics and others we have seen again and again over the years. Animal prints and floral patterns are true evergreens in fashion, while tropical or graphic prints have only experienced an upswing in recent years.

Are you looking for fashion with a specific fashion print? Here you can find all trend patterns at a glance!

"Ana Alcazar is known for its colourful & bold print motifs. The current pattern trends are clearly millefleurs and psychedelic. Romantic prints with small scattered flowers in pastel colours can also be seen everywhere. However, psychedelic style patterns are celebrating their biggest comeback. On trousers, dresses or tops - the graphic chaos pattern of the 70s is back in all its glory and power and in all the colours of the rainbow."

Be & Ju llzhöfer, Designerduo Ana Alcazar

Accessory tip: Prints, especially in the all-over version, generally stand for themselves and call for discreet accessories. However, if you want to really go for it, combine a large statement necklace made of trendy acrylic - e.g. in a link look - with your print piece. Stick to the colour family of the print, otherwise the look will be too restless.


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