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What does the colour black stand for?
The colour black is the darkest of all colours and, like white or grey, is classed as an achromatic colour. Black has always been considered elegant, serious and seductive – but it also stands for dominance and mourning. In any case, black is timeless and a colour classic in every collection.
Discover the latest looks in Pantone's trendy shades of black.

Velvet Dress Ecisy 179 €
Velvet Dress Revita 169,00 € 99.95 €
Midi Velvet Dress Elvera 259,00 € 179.95 €
Velvet Dress Emonoa 169,00 € 109.95 €
Velvet Maxi Dress Emonary 229,00 € 149.95 €
Cocktail Dress Emonis 159,00 € 79.95 €