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What does the colour red stand for?
Red stands for passion, love, fire, blood, power and courage and is the ultimate colour for women's fashion. For centuries, the colour red has stood for strength, power and femininity in fashion. This year, red shades are once again indispensable in the new collections.
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Kaftan Dress Pesali 229 €
Maxi Dress Kasa 189 €
Maxi Dress Kesona 199,00 € 159 €
Kaftan Dress Keposa 229 €
Tiered Dress Gifory 199 €
Wide Trousers Geana 149 €
Wide Trousers Denosy 119 €
Jersey Pants Fiona 169 €
Maxi Dress Falwy 189 €
Leggings Erosy 109,00 € 59 €
Wide Trousers Dasinya 119 €
Jumpsuit Zatty 189,00 € 129 €
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Which shades of red are trending for 2024?

Red has a distinct advantage! It's not just that the colour of the year for 2024, "Viva Magenta", is a spectacular, intense shade of red that makes a dramatic statement wherever it appears — the other reds from Pantone's latest colour palette for the spring and summer season also have what it takes. The blood-red of the "Fiery Red" shade broadcasts an energetic intensity, appearing both seductive and elegant. "Cherry Tomato" is a sun-laden red whose radiance is guaranteed to attract attention. However, our favourite this summer is "Persimmon". This honey-coloured coral red has a persuasive, subtle elegance, conveying an uncommon modernity.

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Mix Jumpsuit Waofy 198,00 € 99.95 €