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What does the colour teal stand for?
The colour teal belongs to the range of cyan hues and lies between the colours green and blue. Teal is at the darker end of the spectrum, turquoise at the lighter end. The shades blue–green, sea green and ocean blue also belong to the set of cyan hues. Discover the latest looks in Pantone's trendy shades of teal now.

Shirt Dress Kahli 179,00 € 109 €
Empire Dress Kahla 199,00 € 159 €
Simple Dress Inowa 149 €
Flared Pants Hesuni 129 €
Maxi Dress Feofola 189 €
Print Pants Geyana 139 €
Jumpsuit Geyanis 209 €
Turner Dress Geniny 159 €
Tunic Fefena 129 €
Swinging Dress Elanea 169,00 € 89 €
Empire Dress Efysa 179,00 € 129 €
Midi Dress Efane 179,00 € 149 €
Pantone Colour Trends Teal

Which petrol and turquoise tones are trending for 2024?

Mixing blue with a small dash of green creates the dark "Blue Perennial" shade. This is a tone that fluctuates between blue and petrol, which serves as an addition to many floral prints in the spring and summer season. Are you already dreaming of turquoise seas and white beaches? Then the current Pantone turquoise shade of "Skylight" is just the right thing. This blue shade with a high white content has a cool, cleansing and refreshing effect, whose vitality especially comes into its own on plain-coloured pieces. New for summer: the uncommon combination of clear turquoise and bright grass green. They don't match at first glance, but with a second glance the liaison develops into an irresistible attraction.

Discover turquoise dresses and petrol statement looks in the latest Pantone shades now.

Romantic Dress Efami 179,00 € 98 €
Print Pants Cehla 149,00 € 109 €
Tunic Dress Cehea 189,00 € 159 €
Print Dress Cehas 179,00 € 149 €
Lace Dress Wapsese 219,00 € 129.95 €
Tunic dress Wapryl 189,00 € 119 €
Black Label Sequin Dress No. 89 198,00 € 149.95 €