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What is meant by monochrome looks?
Plain dresses are perfect for the purists among you. No frills, no eye-catching pattern, just a single colour – that's it! Monochrome outfits stand for simple chic and, at the same time, allow for numerous possible combinations. From the eye-catching statement necklace to the extravagant bag to the hip shoe, monochrome dresses offer the ideal canvas for fashion experiments. Give it a try!

Fake Fur Coat Ebisy 299 €
Fake Fur Coat Bacus 298 €
Fake Fur Coat Bacis 298 €
Black Label Evening Dress Juvenys 269 €
Fake Fur Coat Enobys 259 €
Sequin Dress Habora 259 €
Black Label Jumpsuit Juvenyra 249 €
Fake Fur Jacket Backo 239 €
Fake Fur Jacket Ebana 239 €
Fake Fur Jacket Backy 239 €
Fake Fur Jacket Backa 239 €
Fake Fur Jacket Eblia 239 €
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Which solid colours are trending for 2024?

The trend towards monochrome looks continues unabated. While candy colours with pastel undertones set the pace in the last summer season, bold colours are taking over again in the spring and summer season of 2024, especially the colour of the year "Viva Magenta", an expressive red-pink shade. This year's summer in Germany is also especially radiant in vibrant shades of green and yellow, such as "Classic Green" or "Blazing Yellow".  This look is particularly stylish when you mix it with monochrome, combining it with other shades from the same colour family — strong green with delicate mint or jade tones, and radiant yellow with pastel lemon nuances.  Your favourite colour in a solid colour look. How do you decide?

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Sequin Dress Taba 239 €
Sequin Dress Ibies 239 €
Fake Fur Jacket Eboni 239 €
Cocktail Dress Oawa 239 €
Festive Jumpsuit Magale 229 €
Jumpsuit Odista 229 €
Jumpsuit Odisa 229 €
Night Out Jumpsuit Magala 229 €
Overshirt Habily 229 €
Sequin Dress Ecaiby 219 €
Sequin Jumpsuit Tabati 219 €
Jumpsuit Ocysa 219 €
Glamor Dress Ofrea 219 €
Backless Dress Ocena 219 €
Sequin Jumpsuit Giony 219 €
Cocktail Dress Ecaime 219 €
Sequin Dress Maggy 219 €
Jumpsuit Dary 219 €
Jumpsuit Ocyra 219 €
Sequin Dress Magyla 219 €
Sequins Dress Darya 219 €
Midi Dress Paasy 219 €