Dresses for the spring type

6 styles
Fashion in the right colours for the spring type

Fashion Trends for the spring type

Delicate natural patterns, soft Asian prints, and a few contrasts.

The spring type goes for warm, soft shades with golden-yellow undertones, such as lime green, coral or champagne. Pastel and "not too cool" is the motto. For the spring type, it is better to avoid bright colours like pink and artificial shades like neon.

Neckholder Dress Peline 199 €
Maxi Dress Pecasa 189 €
Off-Shoulder Dress Kaja 209 €
Neckholder Dress Fawane 189 €
Oversize Dress Diana 169,00 € 129 €
Midi Dress Deana 179,00 € 129 €