With Love From Ana Alcazar


With love from Ana Alcazar

Mouth masks for the little ones

Our Munich sewing Aterlier team, headed by our dear colleague Renata Foitzik, has decided to manufacture mouth masks for the clinics and children's clinics of the Munich Third Order Hospital and to deliver them free of charge. "We follow the call of the Third Order Hospital Munich and manufacture masks according to their specifications, primarily for children. We mainly use colourful, cheerful fabrics made of 100% cotton and currently manufacture 70 masks per day, which we then give to the Third Order Hospital free of charge donate." said Renata Foitzik from the Ana Alcazar Atelier team.

Our slogan applies here more than ever:

Made with love

So that the wearing is bearable

Colourful prints & happy motifs

The least we can do

70 pieces are made daily

MADE WITH LOVE - more than ever

Due to the current restrictions, our operating facilities in countries of the European Union are only of limited use and, due to the unpredictable delivery times, are unable to produce and deliver quickly. Our colleagues from our Munich Sewing Atelier are very much looking forward to this little heart project. We all from Ana Alcazar support this 100% - thanks to our great team!

Ana Alcazar only produces its collections in limited numbers. In this case too, only limited production is possible because our capacities are not designed for mass production. Nevertheless, we also want to make a contribution to the current situation - together we are strong!

Quality & workmanship are crucial

100% Cotton

Our little contribution

For a nice, healthy coexistence

Mascot for the little ones

Smile & think positive

You can find more information on the project "Masks for the Third Order Clinic" here.

Would you like to help too? Masks are quickly made with a little skill - you will find useful tips & instructions here.

Do you have any suggestions or requests for us? Send us an E-Mail

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Love, Ana Alcazar


Designed in Munich ❤ Made in Europe