Here are the colour trends for spring/summer 2021

While the desire for versatile and timeless colours dominated last winter, this year's spring/summer season cannot break new ground quickly enough. The current Pantone colour palette celebrates life: "In a time of continuous uncertainty, in which mankind wants to draw strength, clarity and hope, energetic colours give people courage and a zest for life," says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. The following colours are now getting big:

Orange Ochre, Marigold, Burnt Coral, Rust

Machiato, Desert Mist, Butter Cream

How much we miss them – the holidays!

Colour nuances that fall between indigo and turquoise, such as French Blue or Blue Atoll, take account of this longing for the sea and tropical temperatures.

The current summer shades are clearly led by a multitude of green and blue tones. Fresh, tangy and lush, colour nuances such as the khaki shade Pickled Pepper or the peppermint-green Mint come straight from the summery garden onto the catwalk. On the more pastel end of things, with a strong proportion of white, green shades such as Beach Glass and Green Ash captivate, and should without a doubt be a part of everyone's holiday wardrobe this year.

Mint, Green Ash, Beach Glass

Sphagnum, Pickled Pepper

"Fantasy and reinvention":

according to Pantone, these provided the most important inspiration for the current spring/summer 2021 colour palette. Reimagine yourself, your life, and your outfits! Be flexible – because there's no other way to be right now – and, above all, take pleasure again in fashion and colour. For instance, in the summer colour of the year: Illuminating. Warming, optimistic, and with a positive message, this radiant yellow illuminates the way out of the dreariness of COVID for you. Does it work?

Pantone French Blue, Indigo Bunting, Blue Atoll, Cerulean

Raspberry Sorbet, Pirouette

Illuminating Yellow

Time for the new dawn!

This summer, we are seeing "colours that amalgamate our desire for comfort and relaxation with energy and determination," says Pantone director Eiseman. At the same time, classic colours such as the tinted off-white Desert Mist or the coffee-brown Macchiato complement the bright colours of this season. They are wonderfully compatible with the luminous radiance of a Marigold orange or Raspberry Sorbet pink. The perfect liaison between a grounded look and the joy of colour. Of course, all the top trendy shades are also represented in the Ana Alcazar Spring Collection. Why not give it a try?

Lava Falls Red

Baby´s Breath White

Ultmiate Grey

The colour guide through the world of fashion

Pantone colour trends summer 2021 green blue pink yellow orange by Ana Alcazar

In addition to the two most important trend colours of the year that are announced by the Pantone Color Institute every autumn, the jury, carefully selected from experts in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and decor, also chooses the hippest colour range of the season four times a year. For years, the Pantone fashion colour reports for spring, summer, autumn and winter have been indispensable for the whole lifestyle industry, because they depict the most relevant colours of the season. The trend colours of the Pantone Institute are a reliable guide concerning fashion trends, not only for the creators of fashion, but also for the customers. After all, fashion has history of its own.

The past, the present and the future.

Looking back, there have been several fashion trends that came to life one after another and succeeded each other. Many of which have influenced women’s fashion in a sustainable way, some were around for a short time only, but came back a few years later. And you can see their traces: Fringe dresses from the 1920’s have returned to the catwalks. The petticoat, as worn in the 50’s – also a classic at any fashion show. Shift dresses with the typical patterns from the 60’s – they also have reclaimed their place in haute couture as retro dresses. And looking back, no one would have thought that the outlandish look of the 80’s would ever return. But leggings as well as long tops are totally en vogue these days. And what about the 90’s? – Anything was possible at the fashion shows and on the streets. Apparently, nothing’s changed. Defining the style of the modern woman is harder than ever before, since the principle of individuality has influenced fashion in such a way that countless directions can coexist. If you want to predict the fashion trends of tomorrow, you need to have a kind of sixth sense to see which look will soon be all the rage. Just like the Pantone Institute, which may not be able to influence the different designs of the fashion designers, but still gives a clear guideline in the fashion jungle.

Fashion and colours without boundaries.

The flashy colours of the 90’s, when the whole world was supposed to be one big fashion show and unpredictability became the number one priority in styling, may have faded a little, but there’s one thing you can be sure of: it won’t be long until this colour trend reappears on the cat walks. One thing’s certain – the Pantone Color Institute will know about it. There’s no doubt about that! And so will we; because in our colour trend section you can find all the pieces of clothing by Ana Alcazar, sorted according to the latest Pantone colours. So, which colour do you fancy?