Winter Fashion

A Winter Fairytale – Wear the perfect style, also in winter.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…winter’s coming! And also the latest winter collection by Ana Alcazar. If you think that the only things we can design here in Munich are wonderful silk dresses or colourful summer outfits, you obviously haven’t seen our amazing winter styles yet! If feminine outfits are important to you, even in the cold season, you will find unique winter dresses made from warm Ajour knitwear or jersey dresses with fake fur applications in our special topic section; these dresses are the perfect winter outfits for the office, if you combine them with Ana Alcazar leggings. Or as an alternative you could just wear a nice and cosy designer pullover by Ana Alcazar with a pair of wonderful wide Marlene trousers or sexy synthetic leather leggings from our collection.

Of course the stylish „on top“ should not be underestimated. When the snow is falling and it’s frosty outside, a warm and thick synthetic leather coat is just the right choice and a chic short coat is a real fashion statement in the typical winter weather of central Europe. And for the transition from autumn to winter, we have really beautiful, comfortable oversized cardigans with the certain je ne sais quoi. But winter is also a dangerous time to catch a cold, so you should make sure, your body doesn’t cool down too much. Wear a soft cosy single-coloured scarf that can be combined with various different pieces or a trendy Ajour scarf that simply looks amazing with the matching Ana Alcazar knitwear dress. So it’s no problem if it gets a little colder outside because we always have the right styles for you: shop the topic!