Holiday Fashion

Hello Sunshine! Holiday Feeling at Ana Alcazar.

Ahhh! – On this page you can literally feel the sea and the sun. It’s that time of the year again soon: Salty skin, green lush palm trees, summer complexion, fruity cocktails and dancing till the morning comes… your summer holiday is just around the corner. No matter what your destination may be, Malta or Miami, Mallorca or the Maldives, a perfect summer holiday needs a perfect summer outfit. In this style guide we have already comprehensively told you what to wear in certain holiday destinations; on this page you can now find all the fashion items the sophisticated woman of today needs for her next holiday.


A day on the beach is simply not right without a light caftan or a silk tunic: after all, a real lady just doesn’t drink her afternoon cappuccino wearing nothing but her bikini. A walk at the waterline is the perfect occasion for a short dress that sets the stage for your legs; and the first choice for a lovely dinner at the promenade is of course a wonderful summer dress in different looks: how about a maritime theme? And don’t forget a light cardigan; faster than you know it can get rather chilly by the water. No matter where you decide to go this summer, you will definitely find the perfect holiday outfit in our special topic “holiday fashion”. Don’t waste another second: Shop the topic!