Shifting Reality | Fall Collection 2022

31 styles

Ana Alcazar X Shifting Reality

Autumn 2022

Welcome to the new reality of fashion, in which opposites no longer exclude each other, but merge into synergies. Familiar things change and shift in order to connect in a new and different way. Fashion invents itself again and again. It never comes to a standstill. The 2022 pre-autumn season will be embracing shifting realities. Simply because it is time for an almost seismic change. From now on, the real world and the metaverse will be mutually enriching each other – collective virtual spaces will be coming to life and opening up unthought-of possibilities.

We will be moving in it and actively participating instead of just watching. Tradition and modernity will be interacting in an inspired way and merging to create something much bigger.

»If you can dream it,
you can do it!«

- Walt Disney -

Shifting Reality

Contexts are changing, realities are shifting, expanding what exists and offering new meaning: Shifting Realities – the 2022 Pre-Autumn Collection by Ana Alcazar brings together seemingly opposing concepts. The fashion creations play with silhouettes and display a spectrum of textures of material and a mix of colours that have never been seen before. In doing so, they playfully break through the standards of pattern shapes and cuts and surprise with their symbiosis of hippie and technical influences. Visionary. Inspiring. Different.

Retro-prints – with different views

Tradition and modernity are perhaps the most exciting duo, whose interaction can be very powerful. The characteristic prints of the 1960s and 1970s unfold all their retro power on the current flowing cut models. In doing so, they nevertheless convey a completely new statement for the future.

Layering – the secret of balance

Layering is an integral part of the Shifting Realities collection. No other style allows you to combine seemingly incompatible things so masterfully. The cross-border blending of styles, materials and lengths creates silhouettes that are setting the traditional fashion rules on fire. This is exactly what the spirit of Shifting Realities in its most creative form is.

Cropped Pants Halore 129 €
Faux Fur Coat Habesa 259 €
A-Shaped Top Himoni 129 €
Turtleneck Top Hiccme 139 €
Tube Trousers Habate 119 €
Shirt Hesani 99 €
Midi Dress Hanika 159 €
Flared Pants Hablo 99 €
Shirt Dress Hagly 209,00 € 179 €
Leggings Hididi 109,00 € 79 €
Sixties Dress Hesane 139 €
Leggings Hiofa 119,00 € 89 €

Luminous colours – good news for the future

Colours are pure expression. High-intensity colour combinations form an essential part of the Shifting Realities collection. These vibrant tones represent an attitude that embraces the future and the belief in positive change after a period of challenges and restrictions. The pieces fill the recently created spaces with optimism.

Wide Blouse Halise 129 €
Print Dress Haima 199 €
Sixties Dress Halara 159 €
Marlene Trousers Hapane 119 €
Waistcoat Hemasi 69 €
Jacket Habini 229 €
Turtleneck Shirt Helonie 109 €
Flared Pants Hesuni 129 €
Overshirt Habila 229 €
Knitted Coat Habea 229 €
Flared Pants Heidi 119 €
A-Shaped Dress Himmi 199 €
Sixties Dress Hakila 159 €
Classic Trousers Hejlosa 119 €
Midi Dress Halane 149 €
Overshirt Habily 229 €
Wide Trousers Hapase 119,00 € 89 €
Long Sleeve Dress Hiane 179 €
Waistcoat Habane 109 €