You are not quite sure, which size you should order or how large or small the pieces of clothing by Ana Alcazar will turn out? – Our size advisor will help!

How do I find out my size?

In order to find out your right clothes size for Ana Alcazar, please measure your chest-, waist- and hip size with a measuring tape (in centimetres).

How to measure your size correctly:

Measure when wearing light clothes (e.g. underwear) und place the measuring tape rather close around your body without constricting.

  • Shoulders: Size up your back at its widest point from shoulder to shoulder
  • Chest/Breast: Size up your chest at its widest point right under your armpit
  • Waist: Size up your waist at its narrowest point
  • Hips: Size up your waist at its widest point

Make a note of the measurements and compare your results with the table on the next page
> "What size do I need?"


Which size do I need?

After measuring your sizes, please match your right clothes size by means of the following size chart:

Our advice:
If your size is right between two sizes, always order the larger size.
Your advantage:
You will never have to be annoyed by sold-out sizes anymore! In our handy fashion guide, you will find all the Ana Alcazar collection pieces, sorted according to available sizes.

How large or small does fashion by Ana Alcazar eventually turn out?

Two main characteristics of fashion by Ana Alcazar are their modern fit and their feminine close-fit cuts. Ana Alcazar always works with tested and standardised sizes exclusively. If you want to be absolutely sure that the Ana Alcazar piece you’ve picked will eventually fit, you should still take another look at the measures of the individual collection piece.

Generally, you can find the detailed product measures next to every product, on the right. Just click on „Clothing Measurements“: 

The matching measure chart for the selected product will open as a pop-up screen:


Your advantage:
You can get a concise overview of how your fancied piece will eventually turn out and compare it with your own measures.
Please note:

The measure charts for the individual pieces of clothing quotes fabric measures, not body measures. In order to get a reliable result, the lying piece of clothing is measured at four different spots (see image). The fit depends on the fabric: pieces of clothing with jersey, cotton stretch or fabrics containing elastane are stretchy and leave a little more room (a couple of centimetres), whereas pieces of clothing made from silk or strong lace are mostly 100% accurate. If a piece turns out to be a lot larger or smaller, this is especially indicated in the product description.

What suits me?

Pear, hourglass or rectangular? X, H or V? The various different cuts are as varied as the many different terms for women’s shapes. Finding a trendy piece of clothing is a lot easier if you know what kind of shape you have. That’s why we show you the five most common figure shapes here and which piece of clothing from the Ana Alcazar collection works best with which shape.


A-type or pear-type

Is characterised by:

  • Slender shoulders, petite, long torso
  • Full hips, strong thighs and bottom

Styling tips:

  • Emphasise torso with applications, cut-outs or statement necklaces
  • Oberteile eher weit geschnitten, Hosen eher eng
  • Avoid eye-catching belts and everything that emphasises hips or thighs
  • Oben helle Farben, unten dunkle Farben


  • Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet


Our top3 of dress shapes for the A-type:




O-Type or Apple-type

Characterised by:

  • Full bust, full middle
  • Almost no waist, full hips
  • Flattish bottom, slender legs

Styling tips:

  • No tops that are too short, rather long tops in dark colours
  • Gathers, drapings and folds around the torso cover up the middle
  • Your décolletage is the star: Emphasise it!
  • Dresses and skirts can be a little shorter to emphasise your legs


  • Birgit Schrowange, Kei$ha

Our top3 of dress shapes for the O-type:

H-type or rectangle-type

Characterized by:

  • Slender type with very straight outlines
  • Shoulders, bust and hips are equally broad
  • Little waist definition

Styling tips:

  • Straight cuts without drapings
  • Clear lines, tone on tone colour combinations or colour blocks
  • Accessories like long necklaces or kitty bows
  • Classic designs like pin stripes or checks
  • In order to look a little more curvy: details like thin belts, peplums or balcony bras


  • Keira Knightley, Tilda Swinton

Our top3 of dress shapes for the H-type:


X-Type or hourglass-type

Characterised by:

  • Big bust, feminine hips
  • sSlender waist, rounded bottom
  • Shoulders and hips are equally broad

Styling tips:

  • The hourglass-type can wear almost anything
  • Clothing should have a figure-hugging and tapered cut, in order to emphasise the feminine curves
  • Basic piece: jacket & cardigan with V-neck


  • Scarlett Johannson, Beyoncé

Our top3 of dress shapes for the X-type:





V-Type or inverted triangle-type

Characterised by:

  • Broad shoulders, strong back
  • Small bust, very little waist definition
  • Slender hips, slender legs

Styling tips:

  • Light trousers & shoes take away the focus from your broad shoulders
  • Tops with flowing, dark fabrics with plain cuts without details
  • Coats or dresses in A-line make up for your slender hips


  • Charlene von Monaco, Franziska van Almsick

Top3 of dress shapes for the V-type: