Colour Classics

Colour classics! Single-coloured fashion by Ana Alcazar.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… No! Of course that’s not the way we choose our all-time fashion colours; the colour classics of the last years don’t have to be selected anyway, they are crystal-clear. Five colours have constantly reappeared in the drafts of the designers for decades now: black is timeless and figure-flattering, the colour stands for elegance and objectivity; red however is the colour of passion and joie de vivre. Blue is considered to be a deep colour that emanates harmony and composure, whereas white symbolises innocence, purity and serenity. And nude? – The trend colour of the last years looks ever so light and combines a laid-back authenticity with a profound sex appeal. But no matter what the different meanings may be, all the colours have one thing in common: they are undisputed classics in the world of fashion. Timeless best-sellers that we want to celebrate here in our special topic!

Which one is your colour classic? The timeless and figure-flattering black that suits everybody extremely well? Or the sexy eye-catcher red that underlines your passion and your temperament? Or maybe you prefer the maritime blue that isn’t too much of a flashy showstopper but a stylish splash of colour. Or are you more into something discreet, but still want to appear in an elegant way? – Well, then the modern colour classic nude could be the new favourite shade in your wardrobe. Perhaps you are more a fan of the non-colour white: making a stylish outfit by combining white with other pieces is the real supreme discipline of any fashionista. But whatever you may choose – red, black, blue, nude or white – in our special topic “colour classics” you will find high-quality, custom-fit and elegant single-coloured pieces of clothing by Ana Alcazar in your favourite colour: Shop the topic!