Business Fashion

Work prettier! Office Fashion by Ana Alcazar.

Especially at the office and when doing business there is – depending on the line of work – a more or less strict dress code. However, in most sectors the rules have become a lot more laid-back these days. There are just a few professions left where a classic business dress code still applies, i.e. suit, tie and a long shirt for men, and tights, women’s suit/trouser suit and closed shoes for women. These days a typical day at the office is a lot more colourful – not only on Casual Friday, but on every day of the week. Today it is no problem to show one’s individuality at the office. The credo of modern work life is personality and femininity instead of uniformity and strict rules.

You can do ALMOST anything you want. Just try not to wear shorts that are too tight at the office, as well as miniskirts, bandeau- or belly tops. Those pieces of clothing are still a part of leisure time and don’t have anything to do with business. As for everything else: wear whatever you feel like wearing. In our special topic “office fashion” we have assembled some amazing suggestions for business outfits for you. Comfortable jersey dresses, elegant pencil dresses and extraordinary two-pieces: every woman will definitely find outfits that are just right for the day at the office. Just always remember the general rule: at the office,  colourful print dresses, floral dresses or loud single-coloured dresses should always be worn in combination with something that’s “down-to-earth”, i.e. a discreet blazer, a cardigan, shoes etc., for example in different shades of beige, brown or crème-coloured.