Ana Alcazar RECOVER | Winter Collection 2021

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Ana Alcazar X Recover

Winter 2021

Ana Alcazar Model wears Turtleneckshirt with Black-White Graphic Dress and Knit Cardigan

The #Recover story

Become one with nature – be directly connected to your own source of strength. Nowhere can your thoughts wander more freely than outside in the fresh air. Detached from all constraints, the natural rhythm of the seasons continues. Spring, summer, autumn, and now winter. Nature takes a deep breath. Unfazed by any of society's issues. It regenerates itself in order to start up again in spring and bloom in its full beauty. Go with the flow. Use this special time of year to recharge your batteries, work on new ideas and make plans for 2022. Take space for yourself. Treat yourself to a media detox and get outside. Explore nature. Get back to the basics. Everyone knows that forests work wonders when it comes to relaxing. Maybe you prefer a walk by the local river? Wherever your personal place of strength is, wrapped up in knitwear in a stylish layered look, you're ready for those winter temperatures. Get moving. Then get in harmony with nature – and with yourself.

»I love nature as much as

I love myself.«

- Unknown -

Ana Alcazar Model wears wide Blouse Dress with Marlene Trousers in Beige-Brown Tones
Ana Alcazar Model wears beige-brown Blouse Dress with wide Trousers

Go outside, breathe & layer

Listening to your own voice, going for a walk, coming to your senses – no style is better for this than layering. These flexible layered looks are as unique as the people who wear them and they adapt, layer by layer, to any outside temperature. Opposites attract with this kind of teamwork: Rough and flowing, matt and shiny, hard and soft blend together to create a coherent overall look. A successful mix of materials shows how well the different worlds of fabrics can be combined. Cosy knitwear with a wrap-around look and thick tights turn midi dresses into inspired, warming winter styles, while Twiggy dresses are bundled up in Inca ponchos.

Ana Alcazar Model wears a black flounce dress over jeans and a cardigan
Ana Alcazar Model wears a cream-colored cardigan over a black flounce dress
Ana Alcazar Model wears a beige cardigan with a wide flounce dress in black
Ana Alcazar Model wears a romantic dress with a black knitted sweater
Ana Alcazar Model wears an ethnic dress with tights in brown and a black sweater
Ana Alcazar Model wears a romantic dress with a black knitted sweater

Fresh Air & exciting Styles

These classic jeans are teamed up with a blouse dress and knit cardigan in off-white, while short Sixties dresses uncover Parisian chic with a blouse and smart tie. Class epitomised: Marlene trousers combine with wide checked dresses and faux-fur coats. This is layering deluxe. But a fine sense of style shows through even when a pink lurex turtleneck and white geometric dress plus a short knit jacket are layered up on top of each other. Matching cognac-colour boots, with a high or low leg, laced or slouchy, guarantee a harmonious finish. The inner attitude in all of this always remains relaxed – with clearly recognisable creative influences, perfectly staged step looks, and volume galore.


Layering – these are effortless looks for strolling between indoors and outdoors! As though designed to widen your view with each step as you take a walk. Sometimes it just feels good to change your perspective, recalibrate your senses, and remind yourself that we are part of something bigger.

Ana Alcazar Model wears a retro-look knitted dress in green ajour
Ana Alcazar Model wears a knitted midi dress in green ajour
Ana Alcazar Model wears a green midi knit dress in ajour
Ana Alcazar Model wears a black A-line dress with a blouse and tie in a twiggy look
Ana Alcazar Model wears a wide Twiggy dress in black with a blouse and tie
Ana Alcazar Model wears a black A-line dress with a blouse and tie in a twiggy look

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Ana Alcazar Vogue
Ana Alcazar Brigitte
Ana Alcazar Gala

Ana Alcazar Model wears a white and black shift dress with a gray knitted sweater

Relax & Recover in Style!

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Wide Trousers Dasina 119 €
Flounce Dress Efimea 179,00 € 109 €
FALKE Family Women Tights Olive 25 €
Midi Dress Epsie 199,00 € 149 €
Shirt Dress Elby 159,00 € 89 €
Fake Fur Coat Bacus 298 €
Knitted Dress Etali 159 €
Sweater Evosa 159 €
Turtleneck Sweater Evimy 119 €
Wide Trousers Dasimes 119 €
Long Trousers Doryna 119 €
Swinging Dress Edina 229,00 € 189 €
Fake Fur Coat Bacis 298 €
Trapeze Dress Ekala 149 €
Turtleneck Sweater Evanea 119 €
Poncho Sweater Evolys 169,00 € 109 €
Shirt Dress Edsia 169,00 € 129 €
Leggings Erosy 109,00 € 79 €
Sweater Evania 159 €
Print Top Erona 119,00 € 69 €
A-Shaped Dress Elipa 139,00 € 119 €
FALKE Family Women Tights Black 25 €
Cardigan Evija 159,00 € 89 €
Tunic Dress Eldawi 149,00 € 89 €