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Ana Alcazar x AHOY SUMMER

Hoist the anchor and set sail! A fresh breeze, a clear blue sky, an Alpine panorama in the distance and the sound of the water on the bow – a day on the sailing yacht tells the tale of lots of small moments bursting with freedom and optimism. Immediately after setting sail we can really feel the buzz of life at sea and, with enough distance from port, we set our course towards the future. The captain has a firm grip on the steering wheel, and with our exact course in mind we quickly get going. From now on nothing can stop us and we're full of euphoria – even if we have to sail close to the wind in between stages. This is what pushes us onwards. Life's better at sea.

»There is always that ONE SUMMER that changes you!«

- Unknown -

With the wind in your sails towards freedom!

Our voyage of discovery leads us across the seven seas to previously unexplored possibilities. Following the sun. There's still so much to experience, our future is full of incomparable and unexpected adventures, both large and small. Every day is a new opportunity; there's no looking back. Our compass is pointing towards luck. Sometimes we can relax as we stand by the railing and enjoy the moment, then we get a capful of wind and make a mile. But no matter which way the wind blows, we love life at sea and celebrate the endless horizon that's in front of us. Our logbook is full of smiles, endorphins, intensity and unadulterated happiness. Our hearts dance gleefully in time with the waves: Ahoy Summer!

Festival of colours

This vibrant spirit is expressed in flowing cuts and splendid colours. The #AhoySummer looks shimmer like the racing sea. The exquisite white of the yacht is the perfect contrast to the striking tones of the models, which express our mood with every fibre of fabric. This wonderful life that we're celebrating now. Millefleurs, Paisley, batik or ethno – as much as the prints differ, they all have one thing in common: they stand for an unbridled love of life, for an moment so beautiful that it ought to last forever. Rarely has a collection so consistently embodied the pure desire for the here and now as the current Ana Alcazar line. Daring print escapades, overwhelming explosions of colour and unseen figure-skimming cuts that are unstirred as they participate in every movement, no matter how expansive. Freedom has a name: Ana Alcazar. Exciting materials like lace or fascinatingly iridescent floral designs combine with viscose and cotton. At times our yacht's captain also pops up with jumpsuits or laidback two-piece suits. Ready for everything to come and always with the same goal in sight: hedonism. Now! Keep the spirit.

Palazzo Trousers Gangy 139,00 € 98 €
Carmen Dress Gorgina 199 €
Frill Dress Giffey 179 €
Print Pants Genofis 149,00 € 119 €
Flounce Dress Gilectra 179 €
Midi Dress Gillena 159 €
Top Genofy 119,00 € 79 €
Summer Dress Gyphi 189,00 € 149 €
Tiered Dress Gifory 199 €
Maxi Dress Giandres 219 €
Neckholder Dress Gealas 199 €
Ruffle Dress Gilly 149 €
Jumpsuit Geyanis 209 €
Blouse Galorena 119,00 € 79 €