Ana Alcazar X Amore Milano

Editorial Shooting Ana Alcazar in Mailand, Italien

"Milan is a true metropolis: strong and fearless but welcoming, too. Little by little, I came to realize that I could become someone here."

Giorgio Armani



ANA ALCAZAR x Amore Milano

Location: Milano, Italy
Photographer: Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter
Model: Caro O.
Styling: Ana Alcazar Style Team
Collection: Winter 2018/19

Blouse Dress | Striped Trousers

Red Turtleneck-Pencil Skirt

Blossom Blouse | Stars Skirt

Pink Womens Suite | Vintage Blouse ltd.

Womens Suit | White Turtleneck Top

Blossom Dress | Bordeaux Vintage Pants

Rose Fake Fur Coat | Blossom Etui-Dress

Quecked Volant Dress | Black Tight Pants




ANA ALCAZAR x Amore Milano

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